Scott M. Elliott Endowment

The Elliott Endowment recognizes student scholarship and faculty excellence. Mr. Elliott specifically wanted to recognize three faculty in the establishment of this endowment: Dr. Matthew Morey (Economics), Dr. Paul Baker (Philosophy), and Dr. Richard Stivers (Sociology-Anthropology). The Scott M. Elliott Endowment funds the following scholarships and awards:

Scott M. Elliott Cross-Disciplinary Pilot Program

The Elliott Cross-Disciplinary Program is a multi-year endeavor funded by the generous contribution from Scott M. Elliott, 1985 alum of the Department of Economics. The Pilot Program will provide interdisciplinary research teams with initial funds to conduct preliminary research with the objective of a grant submission for external funding from government agencies and foundations. (application information)

Dr. Warren R. Harden Endowed Seminar and Lecture Series Fund

Dr. Warren Harden was instrumental in establishing the Department of Economics as a separate entity within the College of Arts and Sciences at ISU and served as the first Chair for the Department of Economics. He began his career at ISU in 1954 teaching economics and subsequently moved into administration as the coordinator of Academic Planning, Director of Institutional Research, and Director of Computer Operations. In 1983, Dr. Harden assumed the position of Vice President for Business and Finance.

The Dr. Warren R. Harden Endowed Seminar and Lecture Series will provide the resources to support the Department's ongoing invited seminar and lecture series.

F. Russell Glasener - Economics Advisory Board Endowment

The Glasener-Economics Advisory Board Endowment recognizes the teaching career of F. Russell Glasener. Professor Glasener began his career at Illinois State University in 1935, when the school was still known as Illinois State Normal University, and retired in 1959. Professor Glasener’s commitment to Illinois State University and to economics education continued for almost three decades following retirement, until his death in 1987 at the age of 96. In his memory, the Glasener-Economics Advisory Board Undergraduate Scholarship was established to provide support to a student in economics who demonstrates financial need and academic promise. (application information)

Economics Endowment for Graduate Student Excellence

This fund endowment was established in 2011 by the Chair of the Department of Economics through an endowment gift from a former graduate student. The purpose of the fund is to support an annual award for graduate students. The Department of Economics chose to keep this fund open, allowing others to contribute to it so that it could grow over time.

Each candidate for the Economics Endowment for Graduate Student Excellence Fund must be: (1) Accepted for enrollment or enrolled in good standing at Illinois State University. (2) An outstanding incoming graduate student or a current graduate student working with an Economics faculty member on a summer research assistantship. (application information)

Dr. John Chizmar - Dr. Anthony Ostrosky Endowment

The Chizmar - Ostrosky Endowment was established to honor the outstanding careers of Dr. John (Jack) Chizmar and Dr. Anthony (Tony) Ostrosky during their tenure as professors in the Department of Economics at Illinois State University. The Chizmar - Ostrosky Endowment funds the following scholarship and award:

James V. Koch - Economics Advisory Board Faculty Development Endowment

The Koch - Advisory Board Faculty Development Endowment was established to encourage and support meaningful opportunities for professional development of faculty members. (application information)