Undergraduate Advising

The philosophy of the Department of Economics is to require students to be personally responsible for their college education. The Department emphasizes students' involvement in planning their academic schedules to maximize opportunities for learning and growth in order to meet graduation requirements and advance career interests. All relevant information for planning students' course work is provided in students' Undergraduate Catalog and the Department's Undergraduate Web site. To schedule an appointment with an advisor visit the online appointment manager .

Application Information

Current students can use the Apply to Your Program tool on, and incoming freshman may apply using the Admissions Portal.

Application Period

The deadlines to apply to this major are:

Spring: February 28

Summer: May 31

Fall: September 30

Student's Responsibilities

Students are expected to have a complete understanding of the requirements for the Economics major and for graduation. Students should know which of the requirements they have completed and which requirements they still need to satisfy for graduation. Students should review Requirements for the Economics Major, Hypothetical Plans of Study, information for Transfer Students (if applicable), and the information in their Undergraduate Catalog to complete the major in Economics and to satisfy University graduation requirements. The Department respects its students' abilities to implement their own academic plans

Before meeting with an Economics advisor, students must:

  1. Print Progress Toward My Degree from iCAMPUS (or pick up a current Academic Progress Summary in Moulton 107).
  2. Review the requirements for the major and graduation requirements in the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog.
  3. Prepare a written academic plan Download Plan of Study Form for review with the Economics advisor. Students can print out the Plan of Study Form for use in laying out their plan of study.

Students who do not complete these three steps will be asked to reschedule their appointment until they are fully prepared to discuss their semester schedule and academic plan.

Schedule an advising appointment with the undergraduate program director .

The Plan of Study form is in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free at the following address:

Advisor's Responsibilities

The Undergraduate Program Director (UPD) advises all of the Economics department's undergraduate majors and minors. The UPD maintains an advising schedule during the regular academic year. Students wishing to meet with the UPD may schedule an advising appointment online . If a student knows he/she is not going to be able to make a scheduled appointment it is his/her responsibility to call and cancel the appointment in a timely fashion so that time slot can be made available to another student. Simple advising questions can be emailed to the UPD and will be answered as time permits. Depending on the nature of the question, the UPD can require that the student schedule an appointment to meet with the UPD. Due to resource constraints, walk-in advising is not available.

Advising will be available on a an extremely limited basis during the summer due to resource constraints. In particular, formal advising will only be available during the week immediately following the end of the Spring semester and in the two business days immediately preceding the beginning of the Fall semester. Students can submit questions to the UPD via email at other times during the summer, but the ability to respond to those queries will be limited.