Our program emphasizes applied economics with a graduate curriculum that links basic economic theory and statistical techniques to “real world” problems faced by decision makers. Students completing the Master’s Degree in Applied Economics are qualified to seek employment as research analysts, managers and management consultants, or professional economists. Follow the links provided for more detailed information on career opportunities for graduates of our unique post-graduate program.

The Department of Economics offers work leading to the M.A. or M.S. degree in applied economics. Students select a concentration in an applied economics field, including business economics, monetary economics/finance, economic development, international economics, and human resources. We also offer three special sequences in applied economics. The first is the Electricity, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications Sequence which combines training in basic economic theory and statistical methods with specialized training in industry-related issues. The Department hosts the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies (IRPS) in conjunction with this sequence. The second is the Applied Community and Economic Development sequence, a multidisciplinary program for students looking to combine Peace Corps or other significant community service internship experiences with graduate level training. In support of this sequence we co-sponsor the Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development (SCED). The third is Financial Economics, which is a multidisciplinary program in collaboration with the College of Business.

Explore the graduate program area on our website or contact the graduate director for more information. Also visit ILSTU Economics Students and Alumni on Facebook to connect with alumni of our graduate program as well as current students Special Content.